Why a strong digital advertising strategy is important

Written by Brian · Digital Engagement Manager 

Growing your business is tough, but you know all that, right? What if it were easier to reach your customers where they are – on their own terms. That’s where social media comes in. Digital marketing is all about nurturing the customer-to-brand relationship, in some cases pushing them through the various stages of a sales funnel.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a certain product, and then started seeing Facebook ads about it? … That’s what I thought.

The thing about social media that sticks out to me most is that it’s really a 2-way street, there aren’t many other forms of advertising that’s quite like it. It’s all about building connections, growing your online community, developing brand advocacy through stellar community management, driving traffic to your website, and at the end of the day – selling more product and/or services. Social media also allows for granular, highly-targeted advertising. You have control over placement, demographic, geographic, behavioural targeting and more. Facebook gives you so many options it can sometimes feel overwhelming, sometimes even creepy (I mean, c’mon have you ever had a conversation with someone about a certain product, and then started seeing Facebook ads about it? … That’s what I thought). The benefit to this all is that your messaging ends up being highly relevant to the end consumer, thereby increasing click-throughs to your website that so dearly needs more traffic, and also decreases wasted ad spend.

Social media is becoming increasingly trackable, and the insights? They’re easier to find than a Tim Horton’s. With a team of digital experts on your side, you will know if your ads are being seen, if they’re being engaged with, if they’re liked, commented, shared with a friend, if they prompted another action (click, view, etc.), and now with Facebook Pixel technology, if it led to a sale down the road, even if the sale was an offline purchase. With each clickthrough from Facebook to website, and with each measured conversion, your ads get smarter. If a fella by the name of Johnny, sees our Facebook ad and is interested enough to click through, I can tell Facebook to then target people that are similar to Johnny. Maybe his friends, maybe his friends of friends, or maybe just people that have similar interests to Johnny. Having a succinct digital advertising strategy in place allows you to continually analyze, optimize and maximize your ROI. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

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