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Substance Group is elevating online conferences and meetings with our customized and engaging virtual experiences. These experiences are tailored for sales leads, employee engagement, and customer loyalty programs. We curate the experiences around specific themes, provide celebrity talent, home delivery of VIP gifts or event packages, technical support, and more.

Give us the scoop… what are your objectives? How can we help you? Tell us a bit about yourself and your project.
We will develop a concept that meets your needs and take care of all the logistics required to deliver the experience.
Impress your guests with a top-notch virtual experience that is engaging and memorable!

Our Offerings

Celebrity Chef Cooking

Learn to cook a gourmet meal by a renowned chef! Everyone will receive a complete meal kit with ingredients and recipes, but don’t worry, you can always ask the chef for tips along the way.

Fireside Chat with a Professional Athlete

Get to know an athlete outside of the arena! Enjoy an intimate fireside chat where you can learn about their story, personality, and more.

Athlete Fitness Training

At-home workouts are on the rise, but sometimes we need a little extra help finding new or creative workout routines. Why not let a professional athlete share some of their favorite exercises and wellness advice?

Virtual Wine Tasting

Perfect for social gatherings, a sommelier will lead guests through a sensory experience. Learn the art of tasting wine, the history of the vineyards, and the best food pairings.

Taco Making

It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy this experience. Elevate your taco game by learning some new tips and tricks to enhance your tacos.

Virtual Cocktail Class

Impress your friends with unique and delicious new cocktails. Upgrade your bartending skills by taking a mixology class with a top-tier mixologist.

Dance Experience

Bust-a-move on the dance floor (living room floor, bedroom floor, or anywhere really), with the new moves you will learn from our dance instructor. This is a great group activity that caters to all skill levels.

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Working with Substance Group was a smooth and easy process that resulted in a well-executed virtual event for everyone involved!

Very cool, thanks for putting together this experience.

Food delivery was well done, Q&A was well facilitated all questions answered.

100% of survey respondents noted that they would recommend another cooking experience.

100% of survey respondents rated the overall experience as Excellent.

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