At Substance, we start our day with your problem – and that’s our single focus until it’s solved. Ok, sometimes we start with coffee... but then, your problem : )
> We are solution seekers, looking for...

Innnovative, effective, & engaging ways to solve whatever problems you bring to us, no matter the size.

Solutionists? That’s us.

Looking for exposure?
We got you.


Need help planning an epic event?
We got you.


Connect your brand w/ a target audience?
Trust us, we got you.

Our extensive network allows us the freedom + flexibility to do things differently, without having to sacrifice creativity or authenticity, two things we truly value. We’re not your average agency, and we’ll never give you average work.


Substance Team

We believe titles mostly hold people back, which is why we don’t like using them. While each member of our team brings a unique set of skills to the table, we’re all working towards the same goal, which is to solve your brand’s problem. Good ideas are good ideas, and we welcome them from each and every member of our team.


Mr. Make-It-Happen


Mr. Fix it - When we hit a roadblock, finds a way to get it done.


Digitally-savvy and a curious thinker.


Passionate, well connected, captain of the ship & if anything, my goal is to beat Sammy at anything we compete at!


Cleanliness fanatic, passionate mother of two.


All things art, music, and business. I love to stay busy!


Hidden office talents + helping hand, that’s me!


Hard-working and ambitious extrovert with happy feet!


Obsessively organized and diligently detailed 👀


Diligent questioner and intuitive thinker.

Our Clients

Rather than brag about who our clients are,

we rather you judge us on the quality of our work.