Without the community, Substance would not exist. We were born from passion, and that passion came from being part of something bigger than ourselves. We believe that without community you have nothing, so we continue to build ours up as much as we can, giving back whenever possible.


These are some of the things we’re passionate about:
The Spectrum Works Job Fair
An annual job fair for on people with Autism, focusing on 3 factors:
  • Bringing awareness to the public that people with Autism can work
  • Providing hope for employment for people living with Autism
  • Secure employment for people with Autism
View our work:   1   |   2   |  spectrumworks.ca
Dance Able
Each year, we produce a free massive outdoor patio party in partnership with Variety Village for hundreds of people with physical + mental disabilities. Creating an event for people who otherwise wouldn’t have this opportunity while providing them memories that will last a lifetime.
12 Days of Giving
Every December as we prepare to wind down for the holidays, it is important that we do not forget about those living in less fortunate circumstances, both locally and around the world. As part of our annual holidays plans, we chose 12 different charities and find various ways to give back.